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Dated: 02/02/2018

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Now that the holidays are finally over, we can prepare ourselves for a busy time of year.  Sellers are wanting to put their properties on the market and buyers are looking for agents to help them look for some great real estate. Before you start taking buyers to many showings and get excited about finding them the perfect home,  make sure there is a lender already contacted and a pre-approval letter.  You could spend many days and hours working with people trying to find them the perfect home for them, then they want to make an offer, to find out they don't qualify for a loan.  In this busy time of year, don't allow yours or a clients time be taken up if they don't have the approval and information they need to buy a property.  If they need a lender, set them in the direction of a lender that can help them.  Make sure everyone is prepared before the busy time of year starts.

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Christina Boyle

Christina has 20 years of experience in the local area working for local businesses. As a local expert, Christina can help you find the home you need at the right price. If you are looking to sell, ....

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