Moving Day Help Survival Guide

Dated: 07/20/2016

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Closing day is set now it is time to plan for as smooth of a move as possible. This day can be a busy whirlwind of activity that pulls you in several directions all at once making it hard to focus. So if you are moving yourself a little preparation can go a long way to keeping the people helping you happy as possible. I don’t think I know anyone that enjoys helping someone move. They mostly do it because they want to help the person. So making the day as positive of an experience as possible would be greatly appreciated to those that are willing to help.

A simple thank you are goes a long way but small actions speak louder than words. Such as having their favorite beer or snack. If you are using there truck offer to put gas in it. Have cold water, soda and maybe even sports drinks ready. Snacks such as plate of cookies, or even some finger food should be out and easily available. Buy or pre make a simple lunch or dinner.  It's often the little things that show the most meaning.

Having your home ready for a move will streamline the process for your helpers minimizing frustration. Boxes should be packed and labeled (what is in them and what room they should go to) and furniture should be disassembled. If you have all the pre work done your help is able to just focus on moving and nothing else. This also allows you to work just as hard as your help. You won’t just be doing the light packing while your help is busting their backs moving your stuff.

Moving supplies should be at the house and ready at the beginning of the move. Extra boxes, moving tape, furniture dolly or handcart, tie down straps, moving blankets and simple tools. No one can predict all problems that may occur but having some basic tools can help you solve them. For example one time I was helping to move someone refrigerator and the doorway was one inch too small for it to fit. All we needed was a screwdriver and a hammer to take the hinges off and remove the door to get the extra room needed. But we didn’t have it there so we had to run to a friends house and borrow them. That cost us thirty minutes of moving time.

The best money spent on a move other than hiring professional movers it renting the right type of moving vehicle. A box truck with a ramp or hydraulic lift makes moving so much quicker because you have less driving time. A large box truck can easily handle ten times the amount of stuff that a pickup truck could. Some people are able to load their entire home into one truck and make one trip. This also minimizes the risk of damaging someone else's vehicle.

With these simple steps your move could be dramatically easier and less frustrating both for you and your helpers. Everyone will be more willing to help you again if you made them feel appreciated and showed that you cared and avoid any negative feelings. Say thank you! There is nothing more demeaning to people helping you than to make them feel taken advantage of. A good way to show your appreciation is after you have finished moving and settled in invite everyone that helped over for a nice thank you dinner and be prepared to return the favor.  Not returning the favor is the most sure fire way to guaranteeing that they won't help again!

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