Pleasant Prairie WI Home Values Report

Dated: 07/21/2016

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According to ZILLOW group, Kenosha County is the hottest county in the entire Chicago DMA for Real Estate sales so far in 2016.     

The MLS MID-YEAR report generated by our office  for 2016 vs 2015 shows more specifically that there has been a 13% increase in sales in Pleasant Prairie compared to the previous year, which means Pleasant Prairie is leading the County in percentage of increase in sales as well as overall median property value with a median price over the past 12 months at just OVER $240,000

For many sellers who have been waiting on the sideline, now may be the absolute best time to consider moving up.  While prices are expected to have an additional modest increase over the next year, this ALSO means that the price of your future upgraded home will also cost more, and with rates expected to increase, your buying power is stronger now than ever.

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Ralph Nudi

Ralph is a lifelong resident of Southeastern Wisconsin and an expert in real estate sales, and real estate values in Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Somers, Bristol, Salem, Paddock Lake and the surrounding....

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