The MTBI Test

Dated: 12/10/2017

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If you are considering a career in Real Estate or any sales career for that matter,  this personality profile can help you to determine whether or not sales is the right career for you, and what type of salesperson you are most likely to be.

The Jung/Briggs-Myers test categorizes people based on four areas of personality.     After you take the test HERE: ( )

watch the detailed VIDEO explaining with some humor and anecdotes the four personality traits and how they work together to form your overall personality:

For a more fun and information on your PARTICULAR personality type,  visit the PERSONALITY TYPE YOUTUBE CHANNEL where there are some fun and outrageous videos centered around personality types.

Next week we will evaluate the DISC profile and talk about how this valuable test can ALSO help you determine your sales aptitude.

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Ralph Nudi

Ralph is a lifelong resident of Southeastern Wisconsin and an expert in real estate sales, and real estate values in Kenosha, Pleasant Prairie, Somers, Bristol, Salem, Paddock Lake and the surrounding....

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